We specialize in treatment of Knee & Shoulder disorders, as well as offering general orthopaedic advice.


The shoulder is a ball and socket joint in the upper extremity. The glenoid (the socket) and the humeral head (ball) form the gleno-humeral joint. This joint is enclosed in a capsule.

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The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body, and the joint most commonly affected by arthritis. Understanding its anatomy can help in knowing how its infections develop.

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The hip is a ball and socket joint comprising the acetabulum of the pelvis (socket) and the femoral head (ball). Multiple causes can bring about experiencing pain on the hip.

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Foot & Ankle

With the constant impact of walking and running, it's not surprising that the feet and ankles are some of the most frequently injured areas and pain experiences of the human body.

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The back is made out of blocks of bone called vertebrae. Between these blocks are intervertebral discs made up of softer tissue.

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Paediatric Orthopaedics

At EA-Ortho we are sensitive to how fragile children are and offer a world class paediatric orthopaedic service.

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